Insurance for ridesharers

On top of your own car insurance, benefit from additional insurance cover, free of charge, in partnership with AXA.

Axa, redefining standards

Breakdown cover & onward travel is guaranteed by BlaBlaCar

In case of breakdown during a ride offered through our online booking system, you benefit from roadside assistance and towing to the nearest garage. If the vehicle cannot be repaired within a reasonable delay, the driver and passengers will be transported to their destination.

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Your existing car insurance covers carpooling

When you travel with BlaBlaCar as a driver, passengers contribute towards your running costs. No profits are made which is why BlaBlaCar drivers' insurance policies are not affected. You can find more information on the Association of British Insurers' website.

Additional insurance does not replace driver's mandatory car insurance. Conditions apply.

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Together, BlaBlaCar and AXA protect you when carpooling

BlaBlaCar and AXA, two world leaders in their fields, have worked in partnership to create a unique and innovative insurance cover tailored specifically for carpooling. This pioneering cover will provide an ever more reliable journey for BlaBlaCar's community when they travel together.

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